Bernie asleep on a cushion

In June 2018, my dog, an elderly female Basset hound called Bernie, was attacked by an American Bulldog which had escaped from home and gone walkabout.

We were returning from an early Sunday morning walk during that very hot spell last year and were almost home. I saw a large white dog with a black patch over its right eye coming towards us. The body language was all wrong and I instantly knew it was looking for trouble, it hadn’t seen us at this point so we dived into the bushes and it went past, but then detected us, ran in and pounced on my dog’s back from behind in a totally unprovoked attack. Bernie was injured and so was I, but luckily, some neighbours heard the commotion and came running. One young man ran in and rugby tackled the bulldog and contained it on the ground, enabling us to escape. Bernie’s injuries were superficial, due to her skin folds and long ears. The physical injuries have healed, but we both still carry the mental scars. 

That is the back story to why I joined the Justice for Brody & Companion Dogs Facebook Group to amend the law, in much the same way as the recent Finn’s Law, to protect companion animals because dogs are sentient beings. The current law regards them as chattels.

The group has just short of 400 members, including me. Almost all of the members have had similar experiences. Many have even been diagnosed with PTSD as a result. Their stories are heartbreaking. 

Many of our members have contacted their MP, and some have written to DEFRA and EFRA. MP Tom Brake has succeeded in getting an Early Day Motion in Parliament, EDM#1954 on the topic of protecting companion animals

Something must be done!

Barbara – June 2019