The hardest decision of my life!

The dogs that killed my baby in October 2017 were 3 greyhounds.  He was a 6 year old Yorkie called Mitch. I was coming home with my son after school and this man came around the corner with 3 greyhounds on leads. Mitch went up to say hello because he was a friendly dog and used to playing with greyhounds in the park. At once they all started to attack him and the owner did nothing to try and stop them, he even kicked Mitch during the attack. 

The attack seemed to last forever. My son Matthew and I managed to get the dogs off but Mitch had been ripped apart in 3 directions. The man walked away shouting at me that it was all my fault. 

After the dogs had finished with Mitch, one of them started on my son’s dog, a Westie called Max. He was lucky to get away with a few scratches. 

My son took a photo of the man and managed to trace him. His defense was that Mitch had started attacking first and that’s why his dogs killed him. This was untrue but the police couldn’t take action because it was a dog-on-dog attack which, as we subsequently learnt, is not a crime!

Mitch survived for 9 days. The vet operated twice and it was the hardest decision of my life to let him go because he was suffering so much. So I lost my baby and had to find £5000 for the vet’s fees.

We know that these dogs have attacked before and will no doubt attack again. Even after all this time I still find it incredibly painful to talk about.  It has had a lasting effect on both of us. I try to cover it up for Matthew’s sake as he suffers terrible bouts of depression. Lisa – August 2019