The Responsible Pet Parent Programme is …

underpinned by PooPrints which is a DNA -based registry service designed to promote responsible pet parent habits. It is the brainchild of BioPet Vet Lab in Tennessee and operates in all 50 states, Canada and in the UK (Barking & Dagenham).

The programme can be adopted by local authorities, apartment buildings, holiday venues and housing associations. Individual dog owners can also register their pet and join the Responsible Pet Parent network.

The laboratory is an international biotechnology company specialising in animal genetics. Its mission is to promote responsible pet ownership, provide pet waste management solutions and to improve public facility access enabling owners to take their pets anywhere.

Registration is simple and inexpensive

A DNA kit is purchased from the Lab, a painless cheek swab taken from the dog and sent to Tennessee. The dog’s profile is then added to the DNA World Pet Registry.

The dog wears a Green ID badge with its unique reference number, thereby clearly demonstrating that the owner is a responsible pet parent who is committed to making our environment cleaner and greener.

The owner is rewarded with the complimentary BioPet Life Plan, positive proof of ownership in the event of theft, the dog’s ticket home if lost, discounts on products/services and access to more pet-friendly places. (These rewards will increase over time as the programme becomes more widely adopted).

Registering a dog is a public declaration that the owner is a Responsible Pet Parent and doing something positive about an issue which is widely acknowledged to be a problem.

BioPet Laboratories, the parent company of PooPrints is accredited to the ISO/EIC 17025:2005 standards. PJLA holds the certificate with accreditation no 98623.

Data Protection

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