Spray, Pouch & Toy Bundle


K9 Spray, Pouch and Toy Dog with Website address. This is a fundraiser to promote our cause.  Donations used to cover the cost of website and marketing. Give the toy to your MP, vet, dog trainer or groomer to help raise awareness of our campaign.




    Every year over 6000 people are treated in hospitals across the UK for dog bites, many of these incidents are involving people at work performing day to day duties that have not been given the protection they need, that protection is here.

    Also known as First Strike K9 is a deterrent spray for formulated specifically canines, it comes in a compact 50ml handheld aerosol spray. It works by creating a vapour cloud around the dog’s muzzle, masking the air with the smell and taste of their special formulation. The unique blend of natural oils deters the dog’s natural impulse to bite. Most importantly, unlike traditional pepper sprays which can prove lethal to dogs, K9 has absolutely no lasting effects and typically after 10 -20 minutes the dog will make a full recovery. It is also non flammable.

    It’s important to remember that dogs can be victims too, excess aggression can be the result of neglect, ill-treatment or simply poor training.

    For safely storing your K9 spray please see our spray holder, this comes complete with an elastic lanyard to prevent loss and make sure the spray is always at your side when its needed most.


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