BioPet Laboratories developed PooPrints

as part of its Responsible Pet Parent Programme to provide dog owners and local authorities with a controllable system of dog ownership, underpinned by permanent Dog DNA.

A dog wearing the Green Identity Badge with its unique reference number clearly demonstrates that the owner is a Responsible Pet Parent. The owner is rewarded with the complimentary BioPet Life Plan, positive proof of ownership in the event of theft, discounts on products/services and access to more pet-friendly places. (These rewards will increase over time as the programme becomes more widely adopted).

For local authorities it provides an opportunity to consider the programme to form the central part of a long term strategy to reduce the social, environmental and economic impact of dog ownership to the public purse. One that stands up to economic scrutiny, makes operational sense and is politically palatable.

  • The nuisance, cost and health hazard of dog fouling
  • Alter the dynamic of liability away from local authorities/housing associations (through pet policy as part of tenancy agreements) with regards to any damage done by dogs.
  • Positive proof of ownership to tackle pet theft
  • Tackle the illegal trade and import of puppies
  • Uphold new pet licensing/breeding establishment legislation
  • Identification of re-homed dogs previously involved in attacks on humans or companion dogs
  • Identification of dogs involved in livestock attacks

BioPet Laboratories, the parent company of PooPrints is accredited to the ISO/EIC 17025:2005 standards. PJLA holds the certificate with accreditation no 98623.

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