We have developed our spray from many years of practical interaction with aggressive and nervous dogs. First strike k9 spray contains 4 food grade essential oils and is now in use by the majority of UK Police dog handlers and is supplied to the British Army military working dog regiment.

When developing the spray we had to ensure that it remained legal and didn`t fall under the firearms act, so we have worked closely with trading standards and the metropolitan Police firearms forensic unit who have signed off the spray as safe and legal..

Looking at the ingredients of the pet safe spray it appears to be more water based with a small citronella scent, where our spray has been designed to be heavily scented and has the right cocktail/measures to have the desired effect. 

The secret to preventing dog attacks is, awareness. Being alert to your surroundings and alert to any loose dogs or potential threats. Prevention is better than cure.

However, on occasions we are caught by surprise and we don`t have enough time to prevent confrontation between 2 or more dogs. In these instances, we have to think of ways to prevent them from engaging and potentially causing serious injuries to one or another. Firsts strike k9 spray has been developed to assist in providing users with a method to dis engage the aggression before it escalates.

Dogs are great body language readers and we find that people who carry first strike k9 spray on them are more confident as they have a plan if they need to cause an aggressive dog to dis engage. And this confidence on its own could help prevent an attack. Spraying First strike k9 spray into the face of an attacking dog, causes them be disorientated and will make them think twice about continuing an aggressive action.

Within a public area this is normally enough, as aggression normally stems from excitement and then stress.

We are limited to keeping first strike k9 spray both legal and safe not only for the dogs but for the user and general public to. We have many reports of the spray being used to good affect within rescue centres and by Police officers and dog wardens preventing serious injury and of cause through our own experiences of dealing with aggressive dogs.

Phil Robson, Director, Advanced K9 Solutions Ltd.

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Jason Gonsalves · June 25, 2020 at 8:07 pm

Hi Gaye I think you are doing a good job for our beloved pets.. i also reopen my petition that i set up nearly two years ago calling for a change of law regarding the current dog law to see if l can get more signatures and support don,t know if I’m doing the right thing but we must get justice for our beloved tinkerbell and other who gone thought the same thing as myself.. keep up the good work.. xx

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