The BioPet Life Plan is an integral part …

of the Responsible Pet Parent programme. It offers a unique dashboard for each dog, an online resource which allows dog owners to store all dog information – medical information, microchip number, grooming information, insurance and pet care contacts. It allows dogs owners to receive alerts, plan medication and interface with all pet care providers in one location.

It also provides dog owners with preventative and protective healthcare. Through a simple and interactive questionnaire, the Life Plan process identifies specific health conditions that can lead to early diagnosis, more effective treatment and healthcare cost savings.

BioPet Laboratories is an international biotechnology company and industry-leading developer of DNA-based pet products.

BioPet Laboratories, the parent company of PooPrints is accredited to the ISO/EIC 17025:2005 standards. PJLA holds the certificate with accreditation no 98623.

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