As Chair of Greyhound Trust Hall Green and the owner of 2 greyhounds I know only too well how greyhounds can seem to intimidate other dogs with their size.   I have always been respectful that if I have a dog off lead and someone is coming towards me with a dog on a lead, that my dogs get put on to ensure the safety of both my dogs, but also the welfare of the dog coming towards me…. You never know what experiences that dog has had.   My own dogs have been “mithered” by off lead dogs, to the point where they have snapped at them, not in aggression, but merely to warn them out of their space. However, the response of some walkers is to shout “don’t worry he is friendly” only to get annoyed when my dogs pounce at theirs in frustration.

Too often dog on dog attacks occur, not because of the dog, but because of the lack of understanding of their owner or their complete ignorance and when one of our homeless hounds and their walker got attacked by a dog that should never have been let off lead in an area where the public walk, we decided that enough was enough, especially as the current law states that if it is a dog on dog attack there is no comeback for the owner whose dog has been attacked.   Only if a “human” is attacked first can prosecution go ahead.

Dave’s Law” is named after the greyhound who was attacked…We had to raise over £7000.00 to put him back together, but only time will heal the mental scares he has suffered, let alone the walker who fought to save him.    The time has come for the Law to include Dog on Dog attacks, and the right for an owner to prosecute and claim damages for the vets bills and psychological trauma their pet endures or the loss of their pet and the effect it has on them.

Finns Law protects “Service Dogs” to a point, but nothing protects our general pets who can be subject to horrific injuries because of owners who feel it is ok to have no concern for other people’s soul mates. 

I hope to work with “Protect Our Pets” and other organisations to bring this to the fore and change the law so anyone whose pet suffers from owner ignorance has recourse. 

Tracey Parbery

Chairperson – Hall Green

Finding homes for retired racing greyhounds since 1975

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